About us

We're an adventure driven team of people from Draugiem Group, which is an innovation hub with locations in Los Angeles (California), Charlotte (North Carolina), Riga (Latvia) and Barcelona (Spain).

We're passionate about cool technology and active traveling.

We envisioned an interactive platform where people would get to know the city around them through a brand new lens πŸ”Ž. Whether you're traveling, walking to the store, or looking for a weekend activity - the places around you have stories to tell. We wanted to take these stories and turn them into mini adventures.

Our β€œWhy” equation

(Have fun + be active + explore and discover) x solid technology

There already are hundreds of apps and activities to choose from when deciding what to do in your free time. So why build another app? The answer is quite simple actually, and like the sub-title suggests it's four-fold.

  1. Who doesn't love a good game? Whether it's a mobile app, a video game or a board game each of us has one (or a couple) that we enjoy. Games take our mind off the daily challenges, and we get a nice dose of dopamine. And if you can win prizes πŸ‘€ πŸ† while playing for free… That's a double-yes. Questful is fun!
  2. It's important to be active. Especially because most of us are already tied to a desk and a chair for 8 hours each day. The human body wasn't designed to sit all day - it was designed to move. Questful makes you move!
  3. Everything around you has a story to tell: the houses, the shops, the murals, the restaurants, the monuments etc. Many of these stories are hidden, or unknown. But there's so much more under the surface. Questful lets you explore and discover!
  4. We at Questful are active, and love traveling and exploring, but being a part of the Draugiem Group also means that we're tech geeks πŸ€“. We wanted to combine our passion for technology with traveling, discovering, exploring and having fun. Questful is built with cool tech!

TDLR Questful is a platform that lets you discover cool places around you and learn more about their stories. Questful is a fun and active way to spend time with friends. And last but not least - Questful is built using cool and modern technologies.